Flu season is here! Come in and get your flu shots at Sugarloaf Urgent Care

Ever year, there are a countless number of people that skip out on the flu shot vaccination. Don’t be amongst those! We are in flu season right now which typically runs annually from October to May.  During 2016-2017, flu vaccination prevented an estimated 5.3 million influenza illnesses. Flu vaccine research has also proven to show reduced risk in having to go to the doctor by 40% to 60%.

Getting flu vaccines has become easier than ever due to accessibility and is something that should not be delayed. The flu vaccine shot should be taken every year. Everyone age 6 and up should get the vaccine annually. Getting vaccinated not only protects yourself, but also protects those around you which may be more vulnerable to illnesses such as babies, elderly, and people with certain chronic illnesses. 

If you and your family are interested in getting flu shots completed, our physicians are available at Sugar Loaf Urgent Care 7 days a week to get you scheduled and taken care of. For more information or details, please contact our office at 470-375-5940.

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